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Cylinder Boring & Sleeving

The internal machining of the cylinders the sleeveing of blocks with custom sleeves and the repair of blocks were damaged cylinders is performed with this machine seen here.

Cylinder Head Work & Repairs

Cylinder head repairs of valve seats and guides shown here on one of the most advanced and versatile. Our cylinder head department has the complete capability for cylinder head modification and repairs from start to finish.

Engine Block & Cylinder Head Deck Machining

Engine block gasket deck surface as well as cylinder head deck machining is performed on this machine shown. The simplest looking job is the job perhaps which has many significant importance such as finish piston to head clearance cylinder head chamber volume.

Cylinder Honing

Cylinder Honing as seen here is the most important operation for cylinder finish cylinder sizing which are the two most important things to obtain the proper ring seal one of the most important characteristics of any internal combustion engine .

Align Boring Procedure

Align Boring procedure corrects the straightness of the crankshaft tunnel and this machine is also used to replace main caps when damaged as well as the installation of billet steel or aluminum main caps.

Cylinder Head Porting

Cylinder head porting and induction development the most important modification to an engine used to produce the increase in power torque and engine characteristics for any application.

General Machining

General machining, as well as, CNC manufacturing are all part of our day to day.

Honing of the Crankshaft Tunnel

Align honing of the crankshaft tunnel the most advance machine to finish the internal dimensions of the crankshaft bearing surface. Very important in the transfer of heat out of the main bearings.

Connecting Rod Machining

Connecting rod machining for both finishing internal dimensions and sizing critical for the bearing interference inside of the connecting rod and the transfer of heat out of the bearing.

Crankshaft & Component Balancing

Crankshaft and component balancing important for engines that run higher sustained RPMs and higher Hp loads.

In house Quality Control

Our in house quality control room is tooled with optical equipment as well as metal analysis equipment for checking metal hardness. Also crack detection by both wet and powder magnetic inspection.

Dyno Facility

Dyno capabilities with exhaust temperature BSFC and dual band O2 sensor for both carburetor and EFI engines N/A blower turbo gasoline alcohol and E85 - for Dry sump marine drag or road racing engines.